Understanding the Risk

Researchers aren’t sure why sleep apnea causes so many medical problems; however, they have definitively shown that it does. As soft tissue in the back of the throat collapses to prevent airflow, sleep apneics experience oxygen deprivation during sleep. Many researchers believe this puts the body in a constant state of stress, resulting in increased inflammation and other issues that promote poor health. Whatever the case, it’s clear that OSA has the power to cause or contribute to deadly health problems.

Other Issues

Interestingly, sleep apnea may also indirectly contribute to obesity. Studies have shown that insufficient sleep enhances food cravings. Since sleep apnea results in frequent waking and maintenance insomnia, sufferers tend to have great difficulty attaining the recommended seven to eight hours of nightly sleep. Sadly, even when they do fall asleep, their slumber tends to be shallow and unrestorative, resulting in daytime drowsiness and fatigue.

Mental Impact

Sleep apnea can also negatively impact our mental health. Research has shown that insufficient sleep promotes depression and low mood. Other studies have demonstrated that sleep deprivation can negatively impact relationships, resulting in marital strife and low sexual desire.

Reach Out for Help

With treatment, sleep apneics can drastically lower their risk for future health problems. They can also attain a higher quality of life, free from daily fatigue and sleepless nights.

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