Types of Sleep Tests

Sleep tests are the only way to confirm a sleep apnea diagnosis. Patients need to complete either a home sleep test or a sleep test in a lab. Each offers a slightly different experience and different benefits. Both measure your oxygen levels, breathing, breathing effort throughout the night, and more.

Home Sleep Test

The home sleep test is often the preferred method of the two from a patient’s perspective. A home sleep test involves placing sensors on your body and sleeping with a machine connected to the sensors next to you. We will show you how to hook up the machine in our office so there is no confusion during the process. You will utilize the machine for one night and then return it the next day so we can evaluate your results.

Some of the benefits of home sleep tests include:

  • Comfort
  • Sleep in a familiar environment
  • Convenient
  • Lower cost

Sleep Test in Lab

The other type of sleep test is performed in a sleep clinic, lab, or hospital. This requires you to spend the night away from home. A sleep technician will hook the sensors up and monitor you while you sleep. Usually, you arrive a couple of hours before your usual bedtime and then depart after you wake up in the morning. Most people dislike the idea of sleeping away from home.

Clinical sleep tests offer a number of benefits including:

  • Higher accuracy
  • More comprehensive
  • More detailed

Which Sleep Test is Right For Me?

Most of our patients are perfect candidates for home sleep tests. With our help, you can comfortably, conveniently, and accurately take your sleep test from the comfort of your own bed.

Do I Need a Sleep Test?

If you’ve recently taken a sleep test and still have the results, you might not require one. However, if you’ve never taken a sleep test or your results are outdated, we will require a new sleep test for the most accurate diagnosis possible. This helps ensure we provide the best treatment option with optimal results. We will advise you whether a sleep test is necessary during your first appointment.

Does Insurance Cover Home Sleep Testing?

Most insurance companies will cover home sleep tests.

What to Expect After Your Sleep Test

After you take your home sleep test, you will return the test to our office where we download the data. A Board Certified Sleep Physician reviews your data and then determines the next steps for your treatment.

Get Home Sleep Testing in Omaha, NE

If you think you might have sleep apnea or suffer from continuous snoring, our Omaha sleep dentists can provide you with a home sleep test and work with a Board Certified Sleep Physician to help you get diagnosed and recommended a treatment plan. Contact us at (402) 493-4175 to schedule a new patient appointment today.