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What Sets Us Apart From Other Omaha Dental Offices

First and foremost, our sole focus is sleep!  We do no other dentistry in our office, which makes us unique. Sleeping well and feeling well go hand in hand. If we cannot sleep properly, we cannot live our best lives.  

Now is the time to achieve a better night of sleep with sleep apnea and snoring treatments designed specifically for you. At Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center, we create your treatment to feel as comfortable as possible so you can sleep better. With better sleep comes better health, more energy, and quieter nights. Let us help you find the proper sleep treatment for you. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center at (402) 493-4175.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Your first appointment may take up to an hour and a half. That’s how long it takes to ensure we can do everything we need to do at the time. In general, your initial appointment will roughly follow three stages. 

We Listen to Your Experience

First, we need to know your current situation. We see patients at all stages of their sleep apnea treatment journey: people who aren’t yet diagnosed with sleep apnea, people diagnosed with sleep apnea considering their treatment options, and those who have been prescribed CPAP but can’t adapt to it and need an alternative. We need to know what you’ve been through so we can provide you with the best treatment for you. 

We will ask questions to understand your experience better, but for the most part, during this phase, we simply let you talk, and we listen. 

We Perform an Examination

Next, your sleep dentist will perform an exam. The primary goal of this exam is to determine whether you will be a good candidate for oral appliance therapy. If you haven’t tried any sleep apnea treatment, this examination will help you make an informed decision about what treatment might be best for you. Thanks to our detailed analyses, we have a success rate of greater than 90% for oral appliance therapy. 

We Offer Solutions

Based on your experience and our examination, your sleep dentist will offer you one or more potential solutions for your sleep apnea. If you haven’t gotten a sleep study yet, we can help you get one. Most often, this will be a home sleep study, which you can take in the comfort of your bed. Sometimes, though, we might refer you to a sleep lab, especially if you have another sleep disorder that might interfere with the test or if you’ve already tried a home sleep study that didn’t work. 

If you have a sleep apnea diagnosis and seem like a good candidate for oral appliance therapy, we might recommend an appointment to get fitted for your custom oral appliance. If you aren’t a good candidate for oral appliance therapy, we might refer you to a sleep doctor for CPAP, or, if you can’t adapt to CPAP, Inspire or other sleep apnea treatment options. 

New Patient FAQs

  • An oral appliance is a device worn over the teeth while you sleep.  It slightly moves your lower jaw down and forward, which allows you to breathe properly and get the rest you deserve!
  • We do a brief initial exam that determines whether you’re a good candidate for oral appliance therapy (most are good candidates). Providing oral appliance to those who are most likely to do well with it, we have a 90%+ success rate and work hard to make sure our patients are comfortable and effectively treated.

  • Due to the current CPAP recall and shortage, we are not able to offer them directly, but we do guide treatment.
  • No, you do not.  We will guide your testing. Most often, testing is done, in the comfort of your own home.
  • No, you do not need a referral to come in.  You can make an appointment directly with us.
  • Yes, it is covered by medical insurance (not dental) and we are in-network medical providers for most insurances, including Medicare and Tricare.
  • It goes through your health insurance so it depends on your particular plan/policy, but typically it’s the cost of your specialist co-pay.
  • It varies! Because we are in-network providers, it depends on your particular plan and policy. You will know your out-of-pocket estimate at your first visit.
  • No, unfortunately, we are not contracted with Medicaid.

Get Started with Sleep Apnea Treatment in Omaha

Postponing sleep apnea treatment puts you at risk of severe complications. Don’t wait–start looking for treatment options today. Please call (402) 493-4175 or use our online form today to request an appointment.

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