Patient Profile: G.A.

Dr. Melissa Sheets

Four years ago, G.A. came to us seeking treatment for his snoring and general fatigue. A sleep test revealed that his AHI (apnea-hypopnea index measuring how often his breathing stops each hour) was 33.1. No wonder he was feeling fatigued: he was getting an average of less than two minutes of uninterrupted sleep at a time! 

An AHI of 30+ indicates what is considered to be severe sleep apnea, the typical treatment recommendation for which is a continuous positive airway pressure device, or CPAP. However, we were able to determine that we could achieve good results for G.A. without having to resort to the often inconvenient and uncomfortable solution offered by CPAP machines. Instead, we outfitted G.A. with an alternative oral appliance. When wearing his oral appliance, his AHI drops to 6.8–an indication of only very mild sleep apnea (an AHI of 5 or less is considered “normal”–no sleep apnea).

Outstanding Results

The results that G.A. has experienced while using the oral appliance have been nothing short of amazing. He feels and sleeps much better while reporting having much more energy during the day, and at night, his snoring is very light–if he snores at all. 

It’s a joy to see G.A. each year during his annual check-ups. He continues wearing his oral appliance each night, which helps him sleep well and feel good. The transformation in his life has been tremendous–he’s a much more energetic and vibrant person than when he first came in. A direct man of few words, G.A.’s  review is simple but speaks volumes: “Friendly and professional staff! Highly recommend.”

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

G.A.’s treatment story is just one example of many who have come to Advanced Dental and Sleep Treatment center looking for relief and left with a new lease on life. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing while sleeping, come visit the experts at our Omaha office. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at (402) 493-4175 or via our online contact form. Don’t let reduced sleep quality hamper your ability to live a fulfilling life. Start your journey to better rest.