Relationship problems caused by snoring and sleep apnea Omaha

A Big Emotional Impact

Studies have linked inadequate sleep to anxiety, irritability and depression. Because they wake frequently at night, sleep apneics tend to suffer from sleep deprivation. Research indicates that insufficient sleep can cause couples to show less appreciation toward one another. It can also promote general feelings of negativity that may drive couples apart. Additionally, because they tend to suffer emotional problems as a result of their sleep disorders, sleep apneics may become depressed, moody or withdrawn. Ultimately, this can make it difficult on their partners, who miss the upbeat, fun-loving people they originally fell in love with.


Because they often snore and wake frequently, sleep apneics tend to disturb their partners. Studies suggest that about 50 percent of all Americans sleep with someone who snores. Sadly, because they keep their partners awake at night, sleep apneics can become the target of resentment. As both partners endure night after night of shallow, fragmented sleep; negative feelings mount, until resentment finally tears at the very fabric of the relationship and threatens its very existence.

Taking Responsibility

A growing body of research has shown that sleep is critical to promoting good physical and emotional health. Sleep apneics can’t help the fact that they keep their partners awake at night. That said, they can take responsibility for preserving their relationships by reaching out for help. If you have sleep apnea, our dentists at Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center can offer effective relief by providing oral sleep appliances which adjust the jaw to create a clear airway.

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