A Huge Problem

It may come as no surprise to learn that insufficient sleep can hinder our judgment and slow down our reaction times; however, the impact is much more serious than many people think. A study out of the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and University of British Columbia determined that people who have sleep apnea are twice as likely to find themselves in a car accident. Another study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that one out of every five automobile accidents is caused by drowsiness and fatigue.

Putting Lives at Risk

When sleep apneics drive while impaired, they aren’t just putting their own lives at risk. Unfortunately, drowsy drivers leave other motorists exposed to serious dangers. A serious car wreck can destroy lives and leave impaired drivers exposed to criminal charges and civil lawsuits. Ultimately, when sleep apneics put off getting treatment, they leave themselves, their loved ones and numerous other people at risk for life-changing tragedies.

Getting Help

Although accidents can’t be undone, they can be prevented. By seeking treatment, sleep apneics can drastically reduce their chances of being involved in an auto accident, while also substantially reducing their risk for deadly health problems, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, cancer and more.

Don’t endure long nights marked by snoring and frequent waking, when a simple, effective sleep apnea treatment can give you night after night of comfortable, restorative sleep. Contact our dentists at Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center today to learn how an oral sleep appliance can improve your life and possibly save it at the same time.

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