At some point in our lives, we all get sick with some sort of infection, whether it’s the flu, chicken pox, or some other condition. Children often go through a stage where they tend to contract some of the more common infections, especially during adolescence when direct contact with other children becomes much more common on a daily basis.

Although common infections typically don’t raise many red flags amongst parents, another potentially detrimental condition should. Many people are surprised to lean that sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can also plague children, leading to problems in school and all sorts of additional difficulties.

Sleep Critical for Growing Bodies

During the adolescence phase, children are changing both physically and emotionally. Children experience a variety of both internal and external changes during this time, which means that a lack of sleep or a lack of quality sleep can negatively interrupt the process. When children are growing and changing during adolescence, the sleep cycle changes, as well. Commonly, children will have a later bed time which means they often tend to wake up during the later morning hours.

Though a relatively minor change in a child’s sleeping cycle may not seem like a big deal; it can have a significant effect on the way they operate in life. For example, a change in the sleep cycle can negatively impact a child’s emotional responses and functions. People who are sleep deprived or lacking quality sleep are more likely to have problems with proper emotional response and function when compared to normal reactions in people with appropriate sleep levels.

Problems with Emotional Development

Not only can sleep deprivation and constant interruptions to the sleep cycle cause problems with emotional responses, it can also negatively impact overall emotional health. In fact, constant sleep deprivation can cause depression as well as anxiety. A lack of sleep can also impact a child’s ability to concentrate; and, when a child does not get enough sleep during the night, school performance can decline.

Sleep apnea treatment is important for people of all ages; however, for children, it’s even more critical. To learn more about sleep apnea, how it impacts the body, and the types of treatments that are available, such as the DNA Appliance, contact Dr. Roubal today. Dr. Roubal will work with patients to create a sleep apnea treatment plan that is effective and dependable.