Why Dr. Roger Roubal?

Combat your sleep problems with the combination of Dr. Roubal’s education, experience and technology.

Omaha Sleep Apnea Dentist, Dr. Roger Roubal

My goal is to help people lead better lives. It’s a commitment I made more than 30 years ago and it still keeps me going everyday. To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than helping people in pain. My practice is not a ‘dental repair shop’. My job is to find the cause of your sleep problem and get rid of it! Once you finally start living life again, I am confident you will see the value of your treatment within your renewed outlook on life.

Aside from being passionate about helping people, Dr. Roubal is the foremost expert on TMJ and Sleep Apnea in the region and has over 30 years of experience. His office has a vast array of state of the art TMJ and Sleep Apnea equipment; much more than anyone else in the state of Nebraska.

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We would challenge you to find a more experienced and better-equipped doctor within a 250 miles radius of Omaha.

If you live in Omaha or can travel to our Omaha office, contact Omaha sleep apnea dentist, Dr. Roger Roubal today at (402) 493.4175