Your Sleep Apnea Dentist in Omaha

Dr. Roubal, Sleep apnea dentist in OmahaDr. Roger Roubal is the foremost sleep apnea dentist in the Omaha, Nebraska area. He has a passion for dentistry that changes not just smiles, but changes lives, and this is what inspired him to study sleep dentistry. Through successful snoring and sleep apnea treatment he saves lives and gives his patients a higher quality of life. More regenerative sleep leads to better energy during the days and a happier life overall.

Passion for Dentistry

When you are choosing a dentist, there are many things you need to consider: training, credentials, and experience, for example. Dr. Roubal has all that (see below), but what really makes him special is his passion for dentistry and for helping his patients. He is a dentist who is caring and dedicated.

Dr. Roubal has spent more than three decades as a dentist in Nebraska dedicated to improving the lives of his patients by giving them more attractive and healthier smiles. Now that he focuses solely on sleep apnea treatment, he knows that his impact not only improves how patients may feel, it improves their overall health as well.

When you talk to Dr. Roubal, you know he is listening, and when he offers you treatment options, you know the decision is truly yours to make.

Dr. Roubal’s Credentials

Although Dr. Roubal Graduated with his DDS from Creighton University in 1974, he has never stopped learning, and he continues to add certifications for advanced training in sleep apnea treatment and other types of dentistry. Dr Roubal recently became President of the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. In 2013, he was certified by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and became a Diplomate of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. His facilities were also accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, one of only 45 institutions nationwide to receive this distinction.

These professional organizations and the recognitions they have given him set Dr. Roubal apart from other dentists in the area.

Dr. Roubal also makes sure his staff are well-trained to assist you with your sleep problems with a good understanding of the problem and its treatment.

Disclaimer: “Even though Dr Roubal has advanced training and credentialing from the major Dental Sleep Medicine Boards, the American Dental Association does not recognize Dental Sleep Medicine as a specialty at this time.”

The Decision Is Yours

Sleep apnea is a complex and serious problem with many different potential solutions. At the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center, we are dedicated to giving you a full range of solutions so that you know all your options. For some, CPAP is the right choice. For others, oral appliances are a much more sensible option. Sometimes, lifestyle changes can make the difference in your health and your sleep. Often, we may need a combination of approaches.

We will give you all the information you need to know.  We will talk to you about which treatments will work best for you, and the limits and benefits of each, but we let you make the decision for yourself.


With nearly 40 years of practice in Omaha and helping people in other areas of Nebraska as well, Dr. Roubal has touched many lives with his dedicated approach to dentistry. You can ask anyone who has worked with him about the quality of care they received from Dr. Roubal. If you want, we can put you in contact with some of our former patients so you can ask them yourself.

With this high level of care, it’s no wonder that Dr. Roubal receives most of his patients due to referrals from previous patients.

If you would like to learn more about the difference Omaha sleep apnea dentist, Dr. Roubal can make in your life, please call (402) 493-4175 or contact the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center in Omaha, Nebraska today.